Curry leaves (Murraya koenigii Spreng.)


Curry leaves are a common ingredient of Indian cooking and those living outside the Indian Subcontinent often use it in their culinary creations but find it difficult to source and obtain it.

The internet has a wealth of information on this plant but it is widely scattered with lot of contradicting information, especially for those who are looking to own and grow their own plant and are looking for botanical information on plant characteristics to care for it adequately.

This post is an attempt to serve as a single source of truth for others.


Curry leaves are extensively used in Southern India and Sri Lanka (and are absolutely necessary for the authentic flavour), but are also of some importance in Northern India. Together with South Indian immigrants, curry leaves reached Malaysia, South Africa and Réunion island.

Outside the Indian sphere of influence, they are rarely found, especially when they are grown outdoors. The only notable exception are areas of the world with tropical climates or those resembling their native habitat.

Curry Leaf Tree growing in it's native environment.
Curry Leaf Tree growing in it’s native environment.

Curry tree flowering

Plant parts used

The leaves are highly aromatic and leave residues of oil and smelly on the skin merely by touching it
The leaves are highly aromatic and leave residues of oil and smelly on the skin merely by touching it

The leaves. Since they lose their delicate fragrance when dried, you should try to obtain them fresh; don’t waste your time with the dried stuff. It is quite easy to grow or get hold of a plant through the  Internet.

Plant family

Rutaceae (citrus family).

Sensory quality

Fresh and pleasant, remotely reminiscent of tangerines.

Main constituents

Fresh leaves are rich in an essential oil, but the exact amount depends besides freshness and genetic strain also on the extraction technique. Typical figures run from 0.5 to 2.7%.

The following aroma components have been identified in curry leaves of Sri Lanka (in parentheses, the content in mg/kg fresh leaves): β-caryophyllene (2.6 ppm), β-gurjunene (1.9), β-elemene (0.6), β-phellandrene (0.5), β-thujene (0.4), α-selinene (0.3), β-bisabolene (0.3), furthermore limonene, β-trans-ocimene and β-cadinene (0.2 ppm). (Phytochemistry, 21, 1653, 1982).

Newer work has shown a large variability of the composition of the essential oil of curry leaves. In North Indian plants, monoterpenes prevail (β-phellandrene, α-pinene, β-pinene), whereas South Indian samples yielded sesquiterpenes: β-caryophyllene, aromadendrene, α-selinene.(Flavour and Fragrance Journal, 17, 144, 2002).

Murraya koenigii: Curry tree
A curry leaf plant


The curry tree is native to India; today, it is found wild or become wild again, almost everywhere in the Indian subcontinent excluding the higher levels of the Himalayas. In the East, its range extends into Burma.


The English term curry is of Indian origin. In Tamil, the most important South Indian language, the word kari [கறி] means “soup” or “sauce”; this is also the basis of the Tamil name for curry-leaves, kariveppilai [கறிவேப்பிலை] which contains ilai [இலை] “leaf”. In English usage, curry has a wider meaning encompassing not only spicy foods of various kinds, but also Indian-style spice mixtures (“curry powder”).

Fresh fruits of a Curry Leaf plant in various stages of maturity
Fresh fruits of a Curry Leaf plant in various stages of maturity

In North Indian (Aryan) languages, curry leaves are usually denoted by their Tamil name, or an adaptation thereof, for example Hindi karipatta [कारीपत्ता] and or Bengali karhi-pat [কাঢ়িপাত] “Curry-leaf”, or Sinhala karapincha [කරපිංඡා]. The same first element is also found in Marathi kadhi-limb [कढीलिंब] (from limbu [लिंबू] “lemon”) and Kannada kari-bevu [ಕರಿಬೇವು], where second element bevu [ಬೇವು] designates the neem tree (Azadirachta indica), which has similar foliage.

Other mentions of Curry Leaf and what they mean

The name curry plant is often mistaken for Helichrysum italicum (Asteraceae), a relative of immortelle; several subspecies grow in the European Mediterranean.

This plant is often called a curry leaf plant but has nothing to do with curry leaves! This so-called curry plant is of South European origin.
This plant is often called a curry leaf plant but has nothing to do with curry leaves!
This so-called curry plant is of South European origin.countries.

This “curry herb” is occasionally used for culinary purposes, but its fragrance is not alike to curry leaves at all. It reminds me more of sage and mugwort. It can go, together with other Mediterranean herbs, for Italian or French food.

It is important to also take a moment to differentiate “Curry powder” from Curry leaves. Curry powder is a British invention to imitate the flavour of Indian cooking with minimal effort. Some curry powders, or so the books tell, indeed contain curry leaves, but probably only for historic or linguistic reasons, since dried curry leaves lose their fragrance within days.

A typical curry powder should derive its taste mainly from roasted cumin, roasted coriander, black pepper, chiles and roasted fenugreek. Other typical Indian spices often contained in curry powders are dried ginger, ajwain and celery (as a substitute for Indian radhuni), furthermore salt, flour from lightly toasted lentils and aromatic Moghul spices in variable amounts (cinnamon, cloves, green cardamom, Indian bay-leaves). The yellow colour stems from turmeric.

I think it is pretty unreasonable to put spices with absolutely no tradition in India into a spice blend that claims to have an “Indian flavour”, but nevertheless galangale, caraway, allspice, and zedoary are occasionally listed as ingredients in curry powders. Remember that since curry powder is not a traditional recipe, there is little consensus about what should go into it, and anyone is free to sell his own creation.

Growth and Care Instructions

Tips on growing a curry leaf plant and care instructions for it will be covered in a follow up post on this blog.

Other names for Curry Leaves

Arabic ‫ورق الكاري
وَرَق الكارِي
Waraq al-kari
Bengali Barsunga
Burmese Pindosin, Pyim daw thein


咖哩葉 [ga lēi yihp]
Ga lei yihp


调料九里香 [diào liào jǐu lǐ xiāng]
Diao liao jiu li xiang
Czech Karí lístky
Dhivehi Hikan’dhi gas
Karry blad
Danish Kerriebladeren
Dutch Curry leaves
English Karrilehed
Estonian Feuilles de Cari, Feuilles de Curry, Caloupilé (Réunion), Carripoulé (Ile Maurice)
French Follas de Curry
Galician Curryblätter
German Mitho limdo
Gujarati ‫עלי קרי
Hebrew Aley kari, Ali qari
Meetha neem, Kari patta, Katneem, Bursunga
Hindi Curry levelek
Hungarian Karrílauf
Icelandic Daun kari
Indonesian Fogli di Cari
Italian カレー・リーフ, ナンヨウザンショウ
Japanese Kare-rihu, Nanyōzansiyō, Nanyozansiyo
ಕರಿ ಬೇವು
Kannada Karibevu
커리, 커리 리프
Korean Keori, Kori, Keori ripu
Khi be
Laotian Kvapioji murėja
Lithuanian Daun kari pla, Karupillam
Malay Kareapela
Malayalam कढीलिंब
Marathi Kadhilimb, Karhilimb
Norwegian Basango
Oriya Folhas de Caril
Portuguese ਕਰੀਪਤਾ
Punjabi Karipata, Karipatta, Bowala
Листья карри
Russian Listya karri
Girinimba, Suravi
Sanskrit Karapincha
Singhalese Karí list
Slovak Hoja, Hojas de Curry
Spanish Bizari, Mchuzi
Swahili Bignay
Tagalog கறூவேப்பிலை, கறிவேப்பிலை
Tamil Kariveppilai, Karuveppilai
Karepeku, Karivepaku
Telugu หอมแขก
Thai Bai karee, Hom khaek
Lá cà ri
Vietnamese La ca ri


Easy installation of SCCM 2012 R2 Configuration Manager using PowerShell

Once the SQL server is setup the majority of the time in installing SCCM 2012 R2 Configuration Manager is taken up by identifying and resolving the pre-requisites.

There is a powershell tool that Microsoft provides to greatly simplify this and avoid the need to spend time manually downloading and installing these components.

The tool is called ConfigMgr 2012 R2 Prerequisites Installation Tool and is available from Microsoft TechNet (the powershell script / tool is un-signed as of the date this post was made so requires you to downgrade your Powershell Execution policy to Unrestricted temporarily to run this tool).

It can also be used to complete the readiness tasks required on the Active Directory (AD) domain controller and performs tasks such as setup the System Management container and extend the AD schema.

This takes off a huge amount of manual activities involved in setting up SCCM 2012 R2.

However, if you are setting it up for the first time then it is highly recommended to avoid the use of the tool so you are aware of what it takes to set it up and understand the underlying architecture and the role each of the pre-requisites plays in the overall product.

SQL Server Service Account for SCCM 2012 R2 Configuration Manager installation

Recently when setting up an AppV 5.0 environment I started experimenting with deploying AppV sequences using SCCM 2012 R2 instead of the Full Infrastructure mode.

There have been numerous advantages in the past to using AppV Full Infrastructure mode especially when SCCM 2008 was around.

This post aims to share a perplexing issue when attempting to complete the installation of SCCM configuration manager.

Continue reading SQL Server Service Account for SCCM 2012 R2 Configuration Manager installation

MBA in Singapore with SP Jain Center of Management

Yet another holiday in Dubai has come to an end and on the 6th of January i flew from Dubai to Singapore by Emirates EK404 at the wee hours of morning. Accompanying me was IS a girl from Khorfakkan who was coming to my same Uni to do the course with me.

Singapore immigration at Changi Airport went smoothly with being issued a 30 day visa upon arrival at the airport and being told to get a Students Pass (Similar to Student Visa) within that time span. The pre-requisite vaccinations were taken at Al Mussalla Polyclininc in Burdubai, U.A.E (a  friend of mine AS’s dads clinic).  We were then recieved by a taxi driver and a member of staff of SP Jain Singapore who were  assigned to bring us back to the campus. At the airport we also met S (who at the moment is down with fever and is at his uncles house – missing classes!!) who was on the same flight as us but we had not met.

After a brief drive we reached the campus of SP Jain situated on 10 Hyderabad Road, Off. Alexandar Road. The campus is pretty tiny and might be three buildings the size of what they had at Knowledge Village (though huge compared to Singapore standards, especially since it is such a tiny country). The hostel and the classes are in the same building and the other buildings are the library and the canteen.

The hostel rooms were assigned to us by luck draw (random picking of keys from a bag) and I got assigned a single occupancy room on the fifth floor. This is where I saw a HUGE flaw. Several people were assigned single occupancy rooms by the similar method but they had not paid anything extra for it ! I on the other hand was asked to pay the sum of UAE AED 50,000 as extra charges for a single occupancy room – an insanely higher amount. At some point I need to work towards recieving the refund towards the same.

Most of the students here were those with prior work experience.

Skype for Windows Phone 7

The long awaited beta of Skype for Windows Phone 7 but if like me you are not staying in the US or UK you will not be able to download it from Zune or the Skype website.

A quick workaround is to make use of the QR code below from the Bing Image search feature on the Windows Phone and it will automatically download and install the application on the phone.

QR Code for downloading Skype for Windows Phone 7
QR Code for downloading Skype for Windows Phone 7

Not sure how long this hack will work but it should let you install the phone internationally for now without worrying about which region you are in.

Reset second hand Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre S Regatta

After wearing my fabulous Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre S watch for weeks I noticed something was wrong with it. The second hand was no longer aligned at zero when I switched over to the Chronograph and Regatta mode by pushing in the big button you usually use to adjust time.

Over time this got annoying and very disappointing  as the last thing I wanted was to stop wearing it and send it in for repairs :/

After reading up on the Internet I found out that this was a common problem faced by quartz watches that utilize several motors and take in precision timing. This particular watch in general has over 230 components and 5 bi-directional engines that generate twice the amount of torque that a conventional timepiece engine would! Self calibration over a period of time is something that could be understood I guess.

Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre S Regatta After several weeks of frustration, especially since I did not know how to reset it and not having my manual on me I set out to experiment with it. Least to say not an easy task with a watch having so many modes and complicated means of operation.

I am hereby listing the procedure along with detailed instructions with hopes of helping out whoever might need this information,

  • For sake of simplicity let us name the buttons on the watch in order of their presence on the watch on the right side
    • Button A – Top most button
    • Button B – Middle button (between top and bottom ones)
    • Button C – Bottom most button
  • Move the watch to the normal mode of operation, which is where it shows the time (the second hand should now be moving about as it always does)
  • Press button A and B together for many seconds till all the dials move to the 12 o’ clock position
  • One more many of the hands would not be aligned and out of position
  • Now pressing button A will move the hour hand
    • Continue moving it till it is aligned at exactly the 12 o’ clock position
    • This could be difficult to determine so do it till hidden by the longer minute hand
  • Press button C now, it will move the reset mode over so you can adjust the minute hand
    • Press button A till the minute hand is at the 12 o’ clock position
  • Press button C now, it will move the reset mode over so you can adjust the second hand
    • Press button A till the minute hand is at the 12 o’ clock position
  • Press button C now, it will move the reset mode to the small hand on the bottom left side of the watch (the one that shows the mode – 0, 1, 2, 3, CHRONO, REGATTA)
    • Press button A till the small hand is at the 12 o’ clock position
  • Press button C now, it will move the reset mode to the small hand on the bottom right side of the watch (the one that says 1/10)
    • Press button A till the small hand is at the 12 o’ clock position

You can exit the reset mode at any moment by pressing the button B. This can be done once the hand you need is aligned and in position.

This method should fix all your worries and thank you Tag once again for making pretty watches!

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The Gentoo Prayer

Quoting Jason Jhonson from Oracle Corporation,

Let us pray…

Our system, who art on raised tile,
Hallowed be thy OS.
Thy portage come, thy emerge be done,
On servers, as it is on workstations.
Give us this day, our daily sync,
And forgive us our broken ebuilds,
As we forgive those who break ebuilds against us.
Lead us not into dependency frustration,
But deliver us from rpm evil.
For thine is the make.conf, the USE flags,
And the profile forever…


Why Salik is going to work

Ever since the introduction of a proposal by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) to implement an automated road toll system there have been huge outbursts and protests. The primary concern of the citizens (mainly the expatriates) is that the system is just not going to work, or even if it does it will just cause more chaos and havoc.

Initially the system will be implemented between the Al Garhoud bridge till the Dubai Police Academy interchange on Sheikh Zayed road. The thing that bothers most people is that the entry and exit points to those roads do not have any toll gates. Hence it is possible for someone to say use Al Khail road to get around the toll bridge and join up at Sheikh Zayed road at another point. While this does look like a sure shot method of circumventing the Salik system it would still be able to achieve its task. The problem is not with the implementation of Salik, the problem lies with the interpretation of what Salik is supposed to do.

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How To Make Java Swing work on Beryl with AIGLX

Well considering the beryl project has no way as of yet to display Swing widgets (combo boxes, drop down menus etc.) display themselves using Sun’s JDK alternate means have to be made use of, so that Java applications can be executed.

Currently the problem seems to lie with Sun’s implementation of Swing and often the problem can be circumvented by utilizing another JDK such blackdown. This can be done in gentoo by doing,

# emerge -va dev-java/blackdown-jdk

# eselect java-vm list

Available Java Virtual Machines:
[1] blackdown-jdk-1.4.2
[2] sun-jdk-1.5
$ eselect java-vm set user 1

Note # represents the root prompt and $ the user prompt. If you wish to set system java-vm you must execute as root (#). The numbers shown above might vary and should be adjusted accordingly.

This solution has a problem… the blackdown JDK is only a 1.4.2 implementation (as of the time of this post) and Java 1.5.0 based applications will not execute. This can potentially be solved by utilizing another open source Java 5 implementation such as dev-java/ibm-jdk-bin (not tested yet).

Another sure shot way of solving this is to utilize a nested X server. The manner in which this works is to launch another X server inside our current one, except this time the nested X server does not have Beryl running inside it and hence does not face the problem we are currently encountering.

Initially a nested X server must be created. This can be done by,

$ screen Xnest :[display number] -ac -geometry

[display number] represents the number we assign to the X server instance and represents the resolution. Eg. to created a nested X server with a display number of 1 and of resolution 1440×900 we would use,

$ screen Xnest :1 -ac -geometry 1440×900

Now that the X server is created in a screen session we detatch from it by pressing the key combination control+alt+a. If you do not have screen you can merely launch it in a console window using the same command without adding the screen prefix.

Every application that is to be launched within the X server must now be told of the display number assigned to it. An application can be started in the nested X server by,

$ DISPLAY=:[display number] [path to app]

The [display number] is the display number we assigned to the nested X server previously and [path to app] is the path to the application we wish to execute in the nested X server. Eg. To execute the application frostwire (located at /usr/bin/frostwire) on a nested X server running on DISPLAY 1 we use the command,

$ DISPLAY=:1 /usr/bin/frostwire

This application can be executed in the background by using a screen command as shown previously.

Good luck and hope the Beryl team works on compatibility so this hassle has to no longer be encountered.

Solution for when Steam shows no text on Wine

Noticing the advancements in emulation of Windows applications and games on Linux I decided to test out Wine, an open source implementation of the windows application layer using Linux and X.

However there seemed to be no text being displayed which I infered was a result of it not find the much needed Microsoft fonts.

A quick check using “emerge -s corefonts” revelead that the fonts were installed. However upon performing “slocate -u” and “slocate tahoma.ttf” I found that the Tahoma font for some reason was not installed.

Now I had two options,

  1. Install the damn Tahoma font somehow
  2. Emulate the font and let another font replace it

Now when you are as lazy as me you resort to step 2. The wine registry for your user is usually located in your home folder. It can be confirmed by doing “slocate system.reg | grep wine“.

Open this file (make sure it belongs to your user id) and locate the registry key

[Software\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\FontSubstitutes]

If you are using nano you can do it by (replace USERID with your user id),

nano /home/USERID/.wine/system.reg

Pressing the key combination control+w (activates search mode) and using FontSubstitutes as a search parameter.

Now add the sub key below the registry key,

“Tahoma”=”Times New Roman”

This will use Times New Roman for whenever the Tahoma font is required.

Thats all that is required and now you should be able to see all the text and play Counter Strike and all the other games under Linux !